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ANEMONE (picture by Maya Fuhr)

BRAIN Productions Booking was conceived and founded by executive producer, booker, and tour manager Carlo Bruno Montalvão in 2010. He specializes in booking and tour management of national and international music concerts, elaboration of cultural projects, festivals, organization and dissemination of concerts, artists and events, PR and AR for bands and independent artists from Brazil and other countries. Acting throughout South America and also Canada, United States, Mexico, among other countries.

In the recent past, BRAIN artists were nominated for VMB (Vanguart, winner of the category “Best Band” in 2012), APCA (The Baggios, nominated Best Album of the Year in 2016), Prêmio Bravo! (The Baggios, nominated Best Pop Album in 2017), Latin GRAMMY (The Baggios, nominated Best Rock or Alternative Album in 2017). Also, participated at SXSW Panel in 2018, and we organize music tours over Mexico (2015), Madrid/Barcelona (2016), Canada (2017), United States (2015, 2017 and 2018) and Morocco (2018), among other actions that involved the agency and its Artists. In 2019, we made the first European tour for The Baggios (The Baggios going to Europe for the first time) that happened between March and April 2019, with excellent repercussion in Switzerland with two articles over Der Bund and Swiss.CH (click to check).

In 2019, BRAIN will be 09 years old and announces a new Roster, with artists from Brazil, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United States.

ANEMONE (Montreal, CA)

ANEMONE, photo by Maya Fuhr

BRAIN has just signed a partnership with Californian label Luminelle Recordings and Canadian music agency Heavy Trip, which manage the career of the band ANEMONE, Montreal. The band makes a delightful and dancing mix of dreampop, synth pop and shoegaze.

Anemone is a real live band. Lead by Songwriter Chloé Soldevila, it is music to be blasted from car speakers and at parties, a communal experience intended to be shared, the kind of emotional catharsis that can pack a dance floor — sometimes even packing the stage as well. Creatively incorporating aspects that can vary from Dream pop, dance music and Krautrock, it is music that will stick with you, that will live inside your brain, that will become a part of you forever. Music that refuses to be ignored. Anemone is Chloé Soldevila, Miles Dupire-Gagnon, Gabriel Lambert, Zachary Irving and Samuel Gemme.

Now ANEMONE will be represented exclusively by BRAIN for all of South America. The band released their first album on February, 15th.

Beat My Distance is the name of the upcoming album, that they'll release on February 15th

MINT FIELD (Tijuana, MX)

MINT FIELD Press Pictures by Adriana Tangassi

Another artist who arrives at the roster for 2019 is the powerful Mexican band MINT FIELD, who presents an ethereal pop dream with nods to Krautrock and ambient, using distorted and agitated guitars and celestial vocals expressing deep sadness and longing. With their Kraut-shoegazer dreampop they were featured in SXSW, Coachella, Pitchfork Paris, Ceremonia, Desert Daze and many other festivals around the world, a partnership between BRAIN and the incredible French agency SUPER! which has in their Roster more than 350 artists. The MINT FIELD band will be represented by BRAIN for all of Latin America (except Mexico).

Comprised of 21-year-olds Estrella Sanchez and Amor Amezcua, Mint Field’s sound is organic, spacious, and inhabited by specters that lurk behind rhythms, where Estrella’s angelic voice evokes a supernatural world of beauty and melancholy. Since recording an initial EP in 2015, Mint Field have played Coachella, SXSW and have extensively toured the US and Mexico. The band traveled to Detroit to record with producer Christopher Koltay, they managed to channel their inspirations and influences to transmit sentiments of profound sorrow, nostalgia and immaculate beauty… revisiting sounds from the past to make them contemporary. Their vision comes alive on Pasar De Las Luces ‘s 13 immaculate tracks that nod to everything from dream pop to fuzz-saturated shoegaze.

« Mint Field’s music sounds more like it belongs in the scenes of Berlin or Glasgow, with layer after layer of instrumental tracks that inevitably conjures their British sonic forefathers, yet the fact that their lyrics are in Spanish changes everything: a juxtaposition of the cold aesthetic with the warmth of a Latin tongue. These contrasts have created their particular dreamscape, with brutally touching results. »
- Noisey

you need to watch this beautiful videoclip by MINT FIELD.


REPTALIENS, from Portland, Oregon.

Also present on our list of Artists exclusively for South America are the REPTALIENS, from Portland.

Inspired by sci-fi art, cult metallicity and deep connections, Reptaliens are lo-fi camelons of dreamlike landscapes of abstract expressionism and surrealism.

Portland, Oregon’s Reptaliens is the husband and wife team of Cole and Bambi Browning. The couple met on a basketball court while filming a music video for a mutual friend’s band that didn’t exist. The two knew almost instantly they were soul mates; after dating for six months, they married under a blanket of smoke from the season’s forest fires.

Named in reverence for their interests in cult mentality, transhumanism, and conspiracy theories, Reptaliens quickly evolved from a bedroom-recording project to a full-fledged band that explores fringe pop culture through analog synthesizers, electric guitars, melodic bass lines, and Bambi’s lulling vocals. The pair’s songwriting mirrors their strong connection. As Cole says, “Bambi and I write all the music. Sometimes we work together to construct songs and sometimes I’ll come home from work and she’ll have a masterpiece finished and perfectly crafted. We both add to each other’s songs and none really seem completely Bambi’s or mine. We do everything together.”

The band is in the ascendancy of the US music market, touring after touring. They already touring with consecrated bands such as Of Montreal, STRFKR, Cults, Okey Doke, among others. For 2019, Reptaliens is already preparing two new US tours, the first solo tour they made in March, via SXSW (Austin, TX), Treefort Music Fest (Boise, ID), and other West Coast cities (see poster below).

REPTALIENS / Spring Tour 2019

And the second tour, begins already in sequence, with the Reptaliens being support band for the Artists Turnstile and Turnover. A sinister touring through various cities and regions of America, starting in April and going until May.

They're ready to come to Brazil !! And they have wanted this for some time. Reptaliens has a free schedule for Brazil and South America between October, November and December 2019. The Artist is represented exclusively by BRAIN for ALL of South America. (On request, call with us).


JONATHAN BREE (photo: Polaroid Portraits)

Closing the international artists, we announced the great and mysterious JONATHAN BREE, New Zealand artist who was a phenomenon on YouTube in 2018, with his video “You’re So Cool” (which reached more than 8,6 million views). The artist has an intense schedule of shows by the United States, Oceania, and Europe in 2019 releasing his new album “Sleepwalking”, but plans to come to Brazil later this year. BRAIN takes care of the artist’s representation throughout Brazil and All South America.

You're So Cool, the Artist hit with more than 8,6 million views on YouTube!

The four international artists announced are open dates exclusively for Brazil and South America between October and December 2019 (values and dates on request).

Ema Stoned, foto Yuri Murakami. // The Baggios, foto Alfredo Portugal

But the party is still in Brazil, and BRAIN has more news for 2019 !! In addition to the already established artists of the house as THE BAGGIOS (Latin Grammy nominated artist) and EMA STONED that released a new album "Phenomena"(2019, PWR Records), join them to complete the casting the following new music gems:


Gabriela Deptulski, the multi-instrumentalist who composed, mixed and recorded the album, Cosmos.

My Magical Glowing Lens is the project of multi-instrumentalist Gabriela Deptulski. In 2017 she released her debut album entitled Cosmos. The album was one of the most praised of 2017, being chosen among the best albums of the year by the Paulista Association of Art Critics (APCA), highlighted among the best national releases by Rolling Stone Magazine Brazil, as well as in numerous lists of best albums of the year.

Inspired by artists such as Mutantes, Catavento, Flaming Lips, M.I.A,
Melody’s Echo Chamber, Toro y Moi, Boogarins, Tame Impala, Bike, Sweet Meat, King Lizard and the Gizzard Wizard and Rihanna, My Magical Glowing Lens started playing in several music festivals in Brazil and already aroused interest from other countries. My Magical Glowing Lens is an exclusive worldwide artist, represented by BRAIN. (On request, call with us).

watch now: Space Woods, released on February 22th at Rolling Stone Brasil webmagazine.


GLUE TRIP, direct from João Pessoa to the World.

Psychedelic rock band from João Pessoa, led by musician Lucas Moura, released in 2016 their first full-length album in Brazil, Japan, and Europe. The dynamics and contrasts appear on the album not only within each song but also in the repertoire as a whole, which runs through dream pop, bossa nova, and psychedelic rock in more introspective and experimental tracks, all in a sunny mood and many times a beach mood.

In 2018, Glue Trip released their second album, The Sea At Night. With 9 tracks unpublished, the album begins an experimental and more electronic phase of the project, the idea of ​​the new work is to expand the audience of the band inside Brazil and abroad. The concept of the new album goes through this aesthetic mix that joins elements of tropicalist psychedelia, MPB and pop music.

Elbow Pain video animation has more than 4.3 Million views on YouTube.
Fancy, the new video animation already has more than 175k views on YouTube.

BRAIN will take care of artist management and representation throughout South America, North America, Europe and Mexico, and will work to get the artist to travel through these countries. New Glue Trip gig dates for 2019 and 2020 are OPEN NOW!


ATALHOS, picture by Marina Casagrande

A Atalhos is a band that was born in Birigui, in the countryside of São Paulo, inspired by the passion of vocalist, guitarist and composer Gabriel Soares for literature and with a sound that often refers us to Wilco, The War On Drugs and Destroyer. Atalhos has released the album Animais Feridos(2017), which has the beautiful song “The Bell Jar” (explicit reference to writer Sylvia Plath and who won a videoclip recorded in New York), and already prepares a new album for 2019. It is one of our big bets. BRAIN takes care of the agency and representation of the artist over Brazil/Worldwide.

The Bell Jar, the beautiful videoclip inspired in Sylvia Plath.

So Folks… That’s it, this year promises a lot of work here on the BRAIN sides and for our artists. See y'all on the road !!

The Baggios / Poster European Tour 2019


ANEMONE (Montreal, CA)
available to Brazil/All South America+México — October or November, 2019.

MINT FIELD (Tijuana, MX)
available to Brazil/All Latin America (less México) — March 19th to April 24th, 2019.

available to Brazil/All South America — November and December 2019

available to Brazil/All South America — from October to December 2019

THE BAGGIOS (São Cristóvão, BR)
available to Brazil/Worldwide — OPEN DATES from May to December/2019

EMA STONED (São Paulo, BR)
available to Brazil/Worldwide — OPEN DATES to All 2019

available to Brazil/Worldwide — OPEN DATES to All 2019

GLUE TRIP (João Pessoa, BR)
available to Brazil/Worldwide — OPEN DATES from April to December/2019

ATALHOS (São Paulo, BR)
available to Brazil/Worldwide — OPEN DATES from May to December/2019

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